Design completion, Silkeborg Motorvejen

Client: Vejdirektoratet
Type of Contract:  Main contract
Contract price: DDK 38.7 mio
Construction period: 2015-2016
Engineer: Vejdirektoratet



The contract mainly include the establishment of steel and aluminum structures. The contract is located in Silkeborg highway, on the stretch between st. 31.07 and st. 35.2.
The accommodation in brief:

– Protection, with plates of varying geometry of sheet pile walls Top cover.
– Posts of aluminum and acrylic elements as filling / screen.
– Cover of the edges on the concrete bridges with hollow elements made by naturel beef ready aluminum plates with interior lighting.

Key figures

● 3100 m guard made of steel
● 840 m acrylic noise barrier
● 1,300 m steel caps on existing sheet piling
● 4,700 m closure of sheet piling tops
● 800 m outer covering of bridges
● 1250 pcs. bollard in terrain along the front and behind the sheet piling
● 1250 pcs. steel piles
● 400 m railings of steel

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