Climate Protection Sprogø

Client: Storebælt A/S
Type of Contract: Main contract
Contract sum: 20 mio. DKK
Construction period: 2018-2019
Engineer: Cowi A/S



The climate protection of Sprogø primarily included a coastal protection consisting of reinforcement of the existing dike around the tunnel/portal on Sprogø to protect against flooding of the railway tunnel.

The purpose of the stone work is to raise the crown of the dikes from elevation +5.0+ to +6.5 m on a stretch of approx. 1 km, as well as from elevation +4.0 to +5.0 on a stretch of 260 m. The stone work was carried out as the 1st layer cover in Glaci.

In addition, a soil dike was built further inland with a crown elevation up to +6.0 m. The earth dike consists of the soil that was excavated in connection with construction of a replacement nature in the form of expansion of Fladsø and construction of two smaller wetlands. In Zone B on the contract, the service road turns inland. Here there was a need to build a transept, which raised the road locally approx. 1.5 m to protect against inflowing water during storm surge.

A total of 75,000 tonnes of stone were delivered and built in, of which several 1,300 kg of stone were handled.

Key figures

● 11,000 tons of excavation and disposal of soil
● 15 m sheet piles
● 1,070 m³ in-situ concrete
● 12,000 m³ deck 0.3-1 tons
● 28,000 m³ filter stones 50-300 mm

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