Climate change adaptation, Jaegerspris

Client: Frederikssund Forsyning A / S
Type of Contract: Main contract
Contract sum: kr. 11.8 mio.
Construction period: 2014-2015
Engineer: Envidan



As the first stage of a major renovation of the sewer system in Jaegerspris there was established a new drainage system and a scale enlargement of the common sewer. As part of the drainage system a recreational storm water tank with the character of a village pond, will be constructed in the area. A newly constructed pumping station will lift surface water into the basin. All the roads in the area was replanted, and new roads in the area will be lowered between 0-25cm. Curbs, speed bumps and crossings at the side roads will be established.

Key figures
  • 6,000 m² topsoil work
  • 4,000 m² demolition
    850 m conduit work in the joint system Ø315-Ø560.
  • 1,050 m conduit work and road drainage of Ø200-Ø560.
  • 60 pcs. wells
  • 40 pcs. road wells
  • 1,500 m³ sub base work
  • 1,000 m³ base gravel work
  • 700 m curb work
  • 5,000 m² asphalting
  • 11,000 m³ excavation work pool
  • 1 pcs. pumping stations

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