Carlsberg City

Client: Carlsberg Byen Ejendomme P/S
Type of Contract: Main contract
Contract sum: DKK 70.3 mio
Construction period: 2014-2017
Engineer: Rambøll A/S / Arpe & Kjeldsholm



This project is part of the general infrastructure in the new district in Copenhagen, Carlsberg City. The contract includes the establishment of 2 roads: “Constantin Hansens Road” and “J.C. Jacobsens Road” as well as the excavation of a construction pit for the new building: “Europaskolen”.

The two new roads are a part of a total of 8 roads that are being constructed outside the building sections
Approximately 500 meters of road is established including supply lines for all building sections. A construction pit at ”Europaskolen” is established supplying and installing King Post Walls and ground anchors.

Key figures

● 5.000 m² clearing
● 3.000 m³ excavation works (top- and subsoil)
● 700 m drainage works
● 2.120 m³ subbase works
● 2.250 m² asphalting
● 2.350 m³ base gravel works
● 700 m² paving
● 300 m curbs
● 1.400 m layout for electricity
● 500 m water pipes
● 300 m conduits for district heating
● 200 m conduits for district cooling

● 20 wells

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