Bicycle lanes Gjessø – Silkeborg

Client: Silkeborg Municipality
Type of Contract: Main contract
Contract sum: 11 mio. DKK
Construction period: 2018-2019
Engineer: Niras A/S



Establishment of a double-sided cycle path
The project Bicycle lanes Gjessø – Silkeborg included the establishment of two bicycle lanes along Gjessø to the New Theater in Silkeborg – a stretch of five km. Barslund carried out a width extension of the road of 1.8 meters on each side, as well as a one-meter discount behind the cycle paths.

As the work has been carried out in a protected forest area, we have placed great focus on avoiding unnecessary strain on nature.

Key figures

● 10,000 m asphalt cutting
● 10,000 m toothing
● 15,500 m³ of soil disposal
● 4,000 m³ soil relaying
● 4,000 m³ of raw land rebuilding
● 8,000 m³ of filling sand
● 27,000 m² of grass
● 3,000 m² geonet / non-woven fabric
● 180 m sealing cables
● 22 pcs. wells
● 280 m tunnel fascine
● 8,000 m³ bottom sand
● 23,000 m² stable gravel

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