Artificial Turf, AB

Client: Akademisk Boldklub
Type of Contract: Main contract
Contract price: DKK 5,8 mio.
Construction period: 2015
Engineer: Jens Wessberg



Establishing of a new ‘full-size’ 11-piece artificial pitch, quality FIFA 2-Star on existing turf, related new drainage system, new base building, new lighting (125 + 250 lux) and partially new fence. Specifically, the following works were performed: earthworks, gravel, drainage, paving, fencing, lighting and artificial turf works.

Key figures

● 8,500 m² grinding
● 4,200 m³ base work
● 2,500 m³ stone
● 1,500 m³ crushed granite
● 150 m drainage pipes, size 126
● 400 m curbs
● 300 m panel fencing
● 6 pcs. light poles 16m

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