Arena District, Ørestad South

Client: By & Havn I/S
Type of Contract: Turnkey
Contract sum: kr. 31,7 mio.
Construction period: 2015-2016
Engineer: Rambøll A/S



In this contract infrastructure (supplies, channel, roads, squares, promenades and green areas) will be established to service the new developments in the Arena District south of the upcoming Super Arena in Ørestad South. This contract covers most of the so-called urban part of the common areas with the establishment of a concrete channel, the urban channel. Along with the main channel, “Robert Jacobsen road” will be established on one of the sides and a path for pedestrian on the other side.

Key figures
  • 2.000 m³ top soil
  • 30.000 m³ sub soil work
  • 3.500 m³ sub base
  • 2.000 m³ base course work
  • 1.700 m² asphalt work
  • 3.500 m² paving
  • 900 m curb
  • 500 m gas line
  • 3.700 m² in-situ concrete
  • 200 m concrete channel
  • 500 m district heating pipe
  • 500 m water pipes
  • 500 m gas line

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