Area Renewal Bolbro

Client: Odense Municipality and Water Center South
Type of Contract: Main contract
Contract sum: 8 mio. DKK
Construction period: 2021
Engineer: COWI A/S


Establishment of urban space in Bolbro

The project deals with area renewal of the busy Middelfartvej in Bolbro. This will become a green and vibrant city street, with the establishment of a new town square. The old road drainage system will be closed, but rain beds, rainwater wells and common pipes will be established instead.

Freedom and security in urban areas

The city street will be established by narrowing further lanes, where these will be created in the middle as well, as speed-reducing measures. A walkway with light art, trees and other planting will also be established. Larger amounts of paving and traffic management are also part of the project. The town square by Føtex is made by reusing the existing tile coating with different patterns in the coating.

Responsibility for citizens and business

The project will be carried out on dense traffic, housing and business, which requires coordination and consideration for both shoppers and shops in the area, just as a safe corridor will be created so that citizens and work can safely get past the construction work.

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