Albertslund Kanalgade

Client: Albertslund Kommune
Type of Contract: Main contract
Contract sum: 34.5 mio. DKK
Construction period: 2016-2017
Engineer: Niras A/S



The contract included renovation of Albertslund Kanal’s rainwater technical facilities, as well as renovation and new thinking of surrounding urban spaces.

The renovated Kanalgade is now appearing as a welcoming urban space. The rainwater management system can now manage the rainwater better and is cloudburst protected. The rainwater system was maintained throughout the renovation process.

Key figures

● 3,600 m² clearing of planting
● 13,000 m² tiling breakage
● Demolition of 16 pcs. footbridges
● 1,825 tons of sediment purification
● 14,000 m³ of raw earth works
● 3,725 m³ base layer construction
● 12,500 m² granite tiles
● 59 pcs. plant beds
● 14 pcs. footbridges
● 1,600 m bulwark

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