Lake no. 3, Arenakvarteret

Client: By & Havn I/S
Type of Contract:  Main contract
Contract price: DKK 3.4 mio
Construction period: 2015
Engineer: Rambøll A/S



The contract “Completion of lake no. 3” in brief: 2500 m3 excavation of reservoir bottom, 1100 m3 built of clay membrane 500 m3 installation of the base cover layer, interim dams, draining the basin / lake and pumping of water from the pool / lake No 3 to basin / lake No. 2 classification of soil, high demands on environmental issues (noise, vibration and dust)

Key figures

● 5,300 ton subsoil work
● 1,200 m³ delivery and installation of clay
● 500 m³ subbase coverage work
● 100 m³ stone setting work
● 1 pcs. pump system

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