5-legged roundabout, Frederiksværk

Client: The Road Directorate
Type of Contract: Main contract
Contract sum: DDK 1,0 mio.
Construction period: 2017
Main contractor: The Road Directorate



Barslund has renovated the five-legged roundabout in Frederiksværk, which the Road Directorate had called “a black spot in the infrastructure” due to many accidents.

Barslund has renovated the roundabout and made the condition for all types of road users better and more safe.

Key figures
  • 10 pcs electrocity poles
  • 350 m laying of wires
  • 245 m³ removing of polluted soil
  • 375 m³ building-in of raw soil
  • 105 m² removing of asphalt
  • 90 m curbs
  • 105 m² paving stone
  • 65 m² g² grass reinforcement rocks
  • 7 pcs road signs removed
  • 3 pcs new road signs established
  • 100 m² asphalt

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