With Barslund, you get a solid, heavyweight business partner with many years of experience and expertise from previous projects in both Denmark and southern Sweden.

Whether you are calling for tenders on turnkey contracts, minor professional contracts or other construction assignments, we deliver qualified, professionally competent and thoroughly prepared tenders that offer solutions to your project.

We prepare each tender systematically and uniformly. This means that our customers are always guaranteed Barslund’s high quality – from project design to completion, documentation and delivery.

We have the best state-of-the-art machinery in the market, equipped with the latest technology. Furthermore, at Barslund we work according to our quality assurance system to ensure excellent, consistent quality.

Please feel free to enquire about an estimate, tender or technical advice from our tender department.


Director of Tenders, Contract and Project Support
Lucy Fusager Johnsen
Tlf: +45 3069 3039

Tender Manager
Michael Georg Jensen
Tlf: +45 3164 2770