Consideration and accountability to the outside world – employees, customers, the environment and society – are the core of Barslund’s work. Our well-integrated CSR policies are incorporated into all aspects of our activities. We take social, ethical and environmental responsibilities into consideration in our business activities – every day.

The focus areas are incorporated into Barslund’s overall business strategy and our “Code of Conduct”, and are part of our overall set of values. This ensures that we always focus on how we act and affect our surroundings wherever we work. And we set the same standards for any subcontractors.

Our CSR strategy also forms a good basis for further developing our work. At Barslund, we know that it takes long-term relationships to build a good business. This applies to good business partners and customers as well as suppliers. When completing projects, for example, we always look at things from the customer’s point of view, so that assignments are catered for to the customer’s complete satisfaction while we meet society’s requirements of a business of Barslund’s size.


  • Working environment (safety, accidents, absenteeism documented with real numbers)
  • Environment (reducing CO2 (newer machines), more efficient fuel use per kilometre driven, lean construction and waste reduction)
  • Ethics (how do we act in the market and what image do we want to have?)
  • Social responsibility (integration, equality, apprentices, trainees, special considerations)
  • Customers (evaluation and satisfaction)

Barslund appoints a CSR manager every two years. He/she is responsible for reporting results and any violations directly to the management.

Focus areas and action plans to ensure that we meet our objectives and that they are implemented in Barslund’s staff policy and our “Quality, Environment and Working Environment” handbook, as well as our unique project management handbook, so that everyone can stay informed at all times.