Professional, reliable, energetic and innovative – we build the future!

Our mission is to remain at the forefront of creating and strengthening the modern infrastructure of future societies. We help our society to develop in a safe and healthy environment.

As a company we are constantly evolving. Hence, we work according to clear, well-defined objectives that form the basis for all activities in the company. Since our inception in 1980, we have built an ambitious, innovative corporate culture.

At Barslund, we appreciate challenges. According to our “Mindset”, there are no problems that cannot be solved. We do not acknowledge anything as being impossible. We are solution-oriented, energetic, focused and flexible. We are passionate about what we do and implement projects quickly.

We want to be:

  • Your preferred partner when it comes to creating our society’s infrastructure
  • Respected for our talented employees and innovative solutions
  • A company that creates value for the customer and for our society


  • We assume all responsibility – for the assignments, the quality, the people and the environment
  • We plan our work well and work efficiently
  • We deliver high quality
  • We are dynamic and energetic
  • We keep our promises

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