Prevention of occupational injuries

In order to reduce the risk of occupational injuries, Barslund’s contracts are all carried out according to the following principles of prevention:

  • Risks are tackled at source/on site.
  • Work is adapted to each employee to the extent possible, including the design of the workplace and selection of equipment as well as work and production methods.
  • No structures or working methods that could pose a significant danger to employees are used during the execution of our assignments.

Barslund’s employees are trained in safety and general health

  • Every employee receives adequate, appropriate training and instructions in performing work in a safe manner before the assignment commences. This happens regardless of the employment relationship and its duration in general.
  • Employees are informed of any accident and disease hazards associated with their work. Training and instruction takes place during working hours and Barslund covers the costs associated with this.
  • Training programme for employee representatives and supervisors as part of Barslund’s safety arrangements.

Barslund also has its own Quality and Environment Co-ordinator, who evaluates and continuously prepares written assessments of health and safety conditions at the workplace.

All working conditions are included in the Workplace Assessment and all employees are involved in the process.

Work-related accidents and absenteeism due to illness

In a perfect world, the goal is to have zero sick days and zero work-related accidents. However, we must accept that we operate within a risky profession and that illness is to be expected and work-related accidents can occur.

Barslund’s goal is to be below the industrial average and we continue to improve the figures year on year.