Denmark needs skilled professionals, now and in the future. We, in the construction industry, know that very well. At Barslund we take social responsibility and help the young generation to educate themselves. We can help you develop your talents. You will get responsibility, learning and enough challenges for you to grow both professionally and personally. We work consciously towards 5% of our staff being apprentices, students and trainees.

This way, we can help ensuring the education of the next generation, so Denmark, Barslund and the construction industry as a whole will have competent and motivated employees in the future.

At present, Barslund is educating office- and IT students, and in the production department, we have apprentices who will be mechanics, construction engineers, pavers, machine operators or smiths.

Would you like to become an apprenticeship at Barslund? Then click here.


Are you dreaming of an attractive future job in the construction industry? Barslund also welcomes engineers and land surveyors every year. In our surveying department Spotland you can gain experience and improve your skills through an exciting internship. Spotland works with traditional land survey, 3D machine management and BIM / VDC technologies.

Through carefully planned and varied internships, you will get an insight into the many tasks and opportunities of the construction industry. We emphasize that you will be given tasks that both interest and develop you.

With Barslund you can gain knowledge of the construction industry, planning and implementation of project processes, the latest technology, analysis and data processing, etc. All our contracts are completed using our own Lean Construction-based project management system, which ensures the time frame and the quality.

All in all, we provide both responsibilities and challenges, all of which contribute to your development and skills, both professionally and personally.

You are very welcome to send an internship request by following this link.