Data flow – from project design to digital material and diggers

At Barslund, our surveyors use the latest technology and we always keep abreast of digital developments.

In the field, we use machine control to the greatest extent possible as that is the way of the future, and one which offers many advantages. Our machine operators know how to use the machines most effectively to get the most benefit from them.
We have our own advanced machinery consisting of more than 30 systems using the latest and most advanced GPS machine control systems for assignments such as grading, dozing and excavating.

Back in our offices, we have engineers that specialise in 3D models and who are ready to provide qualified consultancy on deposition assignments and data for the machines. The advisor or developer usually delivers a detailed 3D project, which only needs to be adapted to a specific machine control system. At other times, the engineers or surveyors upgrade 2D project material to 3D.

The 3D model also opens the door to a number of analyses, visualisations and calculations that would otherwise not be possible. In short, documentation and quality assurance are made easier.

– Read the technical specifications for surveying equipment, machines/machine control and software here