Company information – facts about Barslund

CVR-no.: 10621577

Year founded:
1980 by Thomas Barslund.

Main services:
Engineering, construction, design and built contracts, road constructions, sewer and pipe work, etc. for major and minor infrastructure.

Groups and employees:
The solid team behind all Barslund’s projects consists of construction managers, foremen, construction worker, machine operators, blacksmiths, pavers, civil engineers, surveyors, construction engineers, project managers, department managers, finance and clerical workers, freight forwarders, mechanics and others.

All is continuously are being trained by Barslund’s internal knowledge and training program and various related courses.

Thomas Barslund

The Board Members:
Mette Barslund, Chairman
Heine Bach, Vice Chairman
Thomas Barslund
Poul-Erik Olsen
Vibeke Barslund
Morten Chrone

Annual turnover 2014:
1.240 million DKK

Main Office: Agernvej 4, 3490 Kvistgård, Denmark.