Barslund also considers the environment

At Barslund, we want to operate a strong, sustainable business that creates value for everyone. Since 1992, our Quality Assurance Handbook has therefore formed the basis for everything that Barslund does. We continuously update and implement various improvements achieved in our quality assurance system. The system is
co-ordinated with our Environmental Management System, which was developed in collaboration with the Force Institute.

Both systems are designed to enable any future ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certification.

  • Office: All monitors have been replaced with LED monitors to reduce power consumption.
  • Work performance: Since many of our contracts involve heavy machinery, we are conscious of the way we operate and how it affects the environment and the climate.

Environmental relief and CO2 friendliness thus form an important selection criterion when we select new company cars and machinery. With each company car, we hand out a pamphlet that describes how employees can improve their fuel economy.

At Barslund we want to prevent pollution as much as possible in our work. This is achieved in various ways, such as by investing in environmentally friendly solutions and by increasing energy-saving initiatives through various activities.

Barslund is also actively involved in experiments with recycling options for building materials, combustion slag and asphalt from our projects, for instance.

Active objectives: Reducing fuel consumption for company cars

In 2014, the average company car achieved 16 km per litre. This will be increased to 18 km per litre by the end of 2016. This will be achieved by purchasing more economical and environmentally friendly cars. We also teach employees to focus more consciously on consumption, so that they drive further on a litre. Read more about our quality and environmental protection here