Barslund improves sewer systems

At Barslund, we have extensive experience in repair, replacement and new piping for sewer systems. As a sewer contractor, we are a flexible, efficient and knowledgeable partner. We perform all kinds of assignments professionally and competently for both public and private developers.

We plan each project with know-how and care, because we know that thorough and well thought-out preliminary work brings about competitive prices and the best results for the customer. We have our own machinery and our own workshop and assess every process of the project on an ongoing basis from an economic, technical and timing perspective.

We also like to propose changes for the better. At Barslund, we find solutions where others see problems.

Roles are clear and predetermined amongst our staff. Our employees in the sewer department are skilled and trained in the profession. As a company, we attach great importance to continuing training to ensure that we all keep up with developments.