Areas of activity

Barslund works everywhere in Denmark and in the area, Skåne, in Southern Sweden. We have established a professional partnership for a large number of foreign actors from large parts of Europe. We take on projects of a variety of sizes and complexities, and we carry out trade-by-trade-, main- and turnkey contracts. We carry out new construction as well as renovation work. When using subcontractors, we use well-known subcontractors whom we have previously worked with, and we take responsibility for their work.

When choosing Barslund as your contractor, you will benefit from our extensive knowledge and technical expertise. We keep up to date with the latest technology, using the latest machines on the building sites. Barslund controls the projects safely thanks to our unique quality management system. We emphasize environmental considerations, both when designing but also while the work is done. This creates a win-win situation for all.

Our main work areas are:

Traffical infrastructure

  • Large infrastructure constructions
  • Road constructions- (including soil and asphalt work)
  • Railways
  • Crash barriers
  • Bridges

Environment and Supply Work

  • Recycling Centers
  • Sewerage work reconstructions/renovation
  • Water Supply
  • Klimasikring inden for regnvand


  • Total demolition
  • Internal clearing
  • Environmental cleanup
  • Underwater demolition
  • Demolition of bridges
  • Demolition of buildings
  • Constructions

Soil Engineering and Geotechnics

  • Excavation
  • Earth dredging
  • Sheet piling and retaining walls
  • Ground-water lowering

Electricity, Heat and Communication

  • District Heating Pipes
  • High- and low voltage in soil
  • Gas pipes
  • Communication

Culture and Urban Spaces

  • Square spaces
  • Parks
  • Parking lots
  • Coatings
  • Sport tracks
  • Small infrastructure installations

Hydralic Engineering Work

  • Green Wetlands
  • Coastal protection
  • Port and wharf work
  • Sea pipes

Site Development

  • Small infrastructure constructions
  • Earth supply work
  • Demolition


  • Concrete work
  • Conduction of constructions
  • Road construction
  • Soil work