Barslund paves the way for you

Barslund is one of the leading in the construction and supply work. A company that likes to take the lead and that paves the way with well-greased, modern machinery and that improves society’s infrastructure. We deliver new roads, sewer systems and sports facilities, Among other things, with Civil Engineering Work, Supply Work, Harbour Construction, Sheet Piling work, Surveying.

With more than 30 years of experience in civil engineering, Barslund is a professional, highly qualified and preferred partner for major public and private developers and their advisors in Denmark and Sweden.

We create results and profits for all.

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Core services – professional overview and safe handling

At Barslund, we cater for a wide variety of assignments within construction and utilities with our skilled staff and state-of-the-art machinery. We are your ideal partner for everything from major turnkey contracts to general, professional and minor contracts for large public and private developers and their advisors.

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Quality on time

Barslund offers qualified interaction at all levels and advanced project management, and we take pride in delivering the best quality.

We are continually developing our skills and know-how to benefit customers and employees alike, so that everyone is at the forefront of technological development, legislation, etc.

By using our own unique quality assurance system, we plan and implement all projects effectively, which makes us very competitive.

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Powerful, dynamic partner

Barslund is a strong, progressive company. We strive to be the best in our field. You’ll find us throughout Denmark, which is proof that we are doing a great job.

Our goal is to be at the cutting edge – both in terms of development and schedule.

That’s also how we make sure your project is completed successfully.

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